The passenger aircraft flew over the second machine at a height of just 130 meters.

The passenger aircraft flew over the second machine at a height of just 130 meters.

In the Hamburg industrial area it costs less than half again, namely 12.99 euros.

Pilots Association "cockpit" examined airports (symbol image: imago)

How safe can you feel at German airports? That is investigating the pilots’ association "cockpit" in your current list of defects.

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32 airports examined

Ten German regional airports have significant shortcomings. This comes from the annual list of the cockpit pilots’ association (VC). The main reasons for complaints include poor or missing markings or insufficient lighting on runways or taxiways, as a cockpit spokesman explained. A total of 32 airports that are regularly approached by commercial aircraft were examined. The airports in Altenburg, Heringsdorf, Mannheim, Lübeck, Memmingen, Hof, Zweibrücken, Lahr, Westerland and Rostock / Laage were objected to and therefore marked with star marks.

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Minimum standard is not enough

"Most German airports comply with international security standards" said the spokesman for the pilots’ association, Jan Krawitz. But meeting a minimum standard is not enough. Cockpit only describes Berlin / Schönefeld, Leipzig and Munich airports as completely free of defects. The most frequent causes of minor defects are shortened approach lights or a lack of anti-skid coating.

Runway as a taxiway

The experts consider it particularly dangerous if the runway is also used as a taxiway. "In our opinion, an aircraft must be guided to the active runway separately from the traffic taking off and landing" it says in the list of defects. Uncommanded rolling up or entering the area of ​​an active runway must be prevented.

Misunderstandings are dangerous – stop bars are important

A case from Zweibrücken in May last year shows that an airport does not have to have a lot of traffic in order to produce an almost catastrophic accident even under the best visibility conditions. Due to a misunderstanding between the controller and the pilot, an aircraft rolled onto the active runway, "where an Airbus A319 was just about to take off, which could not be canceled because of the high speed". The passenger aircraft flew over the second machine at a height of just 130 meters. As a recommendation by the international civil aviation organization ICAO, the pilots association therefore demanded signal systems at all intersections between taxiways and runways. Red, switchable stop strips – so-called stop bars – are even better.

Response to list of defects

According to the pilots’ association, six of the airports in question have already responded to the list of deficiencies and planned improvements or started implementing them. For 31 years now, Cockpit has been carrying out a security check at German airports every year. Regional airports have also been included since 1996. "The level of security at German airports is now considered to be high, and VC maintains a continuous, close dialogue with the airports and, for example, with the Association of German Commercial Airports. Nevertheless, even if new findings from aviation accident research and prevention are always taken into account, there is no reason to discontinue these annual reviews" emphasize the pilots.

The pilots’ association "cockpit"

The association’s experts have been subjecting German commercial airports to an annual security check since 1978. Since 1996 this has also extended to regional airports. The starting point for this review was the aim of the IFALPA World Pilots Association to make pilots from all countries aware of any deficits in individual airports.

Holiday season at last! And some people look forward to summer, sun and sand. But for some travelers to Turkey from North Rhine-Westphalia, this turned into a pure nightmare. Instead of relaxing at the holiday resort, there was a rude awakening: the flights that two Turkish travel agencies were selling did not exist.

The down payment trick

According to investigations by the criminal police, the 27-year-old operator of a Turkish travel agency in Rheydt has deprived a large number of compatriots of their vacation at home. The travel agent has been running a travel agency in downtown Rheydt since 2007. Since July 1st This year the first victims appeared at the police station and stated that they had not received any relevant documents despite having already paid for travel. Others had been turned away at the flight counter with their order number. Since last Friday, more victims who want to complain to the travel agency have been standing in front of closed doors in Rheydt. The number of cheated people increased daily. According to the current status of the investigation, the criminal police are assuming a total damage amount of around 100,000 euros. The suspect confessed to the full extent. It seems that she used a kind of pyramid scheme to pay for trips booked earlier with cash deposits from new bookings – until the bubble burst at the start of the main holiday season. The young woman is currently trying to make up for the damage.

Relaxed: Michael Ballack in the commercial (Photo: ab-in-den-urlaub.de)

How do top footballers spend their holidays? Relaxing on the beach or relaxing in the mountains? For Michael Ballack this only applies indirectly. Because he shot commercials for the internet travel agency www.ab-in-den-urlaub.de: Coming from vacation – for vacation – and back again for vacation. The captain of the German national team appears relaxed and relaxed at the location: a noble villa in the exclusive London district of Wimbledon, which was rented especially for the production. Several commercials are produced here for the Leipzig company Unister, which operates the travel portals www.ab-in-den-urlaub.de, www.fluege.de and www.hotelreservierung.de, among others.

Ballack effortlessly and professionally

The team has been on duty since 7 a.m. to prepare for the shoot. Headlights are brought into position, cables laid and an ironing board is also available so that Ballack’s outfit fits perfectly in front of the camera. The soccer star doesn’t need any warm-up training for shooting. It starts immediately, without a rehearsal. Ballack masters the task effortlessly, professionally and with great concentration. No wonder – after all, he already has experience as an advertising partner for McDonald’s, Coca Cola or Samsung. "It wouldn’t have gone any better with an actor" praises director Guntmar Lasnig.

Artificial rain for longing for sun

But then there is still a problem: it is the first day of the Wimbledon tournament. And usually this day is haunted by downpours – but today it remains dry. Rain is needed for the spot. It has to be generated artificially – with the help of two fire engines that take up position in the garden and provide the necessary rain. This is the only way to ensure the longing for sun and sand on this day.

Ballack: "It was fun"

During the breaks, Ballack easily talks shop with the film crew about football and reveals that it is "wonderful" was to have almost five weeks off this summer because there were no appointments with the national team (instead he made a detour to the USA with his wife Simone). And he tells how he and his family like to relax on the beaches of Sardinia in summer. When everything is in the box, the soccer star hands out autographs. "It was fun" is his conclusion. Then he jets back to his family – and together with them on a well-deserved vacation.

Fuel is running out in Italy (Photo: archive)

Because of a strike by petrol station tenants, holidaymakers in Italy must expect significant disabilities. According to the ADAC in Munich, it will hardly be possible to get fuel until Friday, July 10th.

No petrol in Italy

From Tuesday evening to Thursday, July 9th, there will be strikes at motorway filling stations. Petrol stations in cities and towns and on country roads also do not sell fuel from Tuesday evening to Friday. The strike has already started in Sicily and will also last until Friday. The automobile club recommends traveling to Italy to refuel before the border, if possible. It also doesn’t hurt to be careful with fuel.

Long waiting times even after the strike

Italy allows the import of a maximum of ten liters of fuel in reserve canisters. Anyone traveling to southern Italy should stay overnight until the strike has ended. After the filling stations have reopened, vacationers have to expect longer waiting times when refueling.

The Spanish city of Valencia is taking action: Thanks to a new set of rules, things should be more modest on the beaches. Mass drunkenness, loud music and reserving the lounger with a towel should be prohibited, among other things, reports the Spanish media. Violations can result in high penalties; the strict rules were adopted in July 2009.

Illegal bathing: Up to 1500 euros fine


Anyone who disregards a raised red warning flag, violates the bathing ban and goes into the water despite the danger, faces a future fine of up to 1500 euros. According to media reports on Wednesday, this provides for the draft of a new set of rules, which is to be passed in July. Parents who do not adequately supervise their children while bathing can therefore be fined up to 750 euros. If the warnings of the lifeguards are ignored, they can call in the police.

Are mass drinking and towel wars over?

In addition, alcohol consumption on the beach should be restricted. "We’re not going to punish anyone for having a beer there. We will forbid mass drinking as well as alcohol consumption by minors" said the responsible councilor Lourdes Bernal. Loud music and the widespread habit of taking the best spots on the beach with umbrellas or towels in the early morning are also prohibited "Reservations". Some of the most famous beaches in Valencia include Las Arenas, La Malvarrosa and El Saler.

The Crown of Lady Liberty (Photo: dpa)

Almost eight years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the crown of the world-famous Statue of Liberty in New York is open to visitors again. To celebrate American Independence Day on Saturday, tourists were once again able to enjoy the impressive view of the Manhattan skyline from the viewing platform in bright weather.

Party despite the economic crisis

While other US cities had to cancel or evaporate their traditional fireworks on the national holiday because of the economic crisis, New York wanted to defy the gloomy mood in the evening. More than 22 tons of fire and light rockets were to be detonated in a huge spectacle of color over the Hudson River. The mega-amusement park Disneyworld in the US state Florida opened on July 4th after an eight-month renovation "Hall of Presidents" (Presidential Hall) again – with the first black US President as the youngest attraction. Nicknamed Barack Obama as a talking doll "Robobama" Thanks to new technology, appear much more lifelike than the other presidential dolls, reported US media.

30 visitors per hour

The Statue of Liberty, New York’s 90-meter-high landmark, was closed for security reasons after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The lower observation decks were opened again later.