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Modernising a Traditional Home: Fireplaces

fireplace interior design consultantSo you’ve got a traditional home, you want to modernise your interior. What do you do with your fireplace?

I have visited many properties throughout my career. I have seen some fabulous homes. From fabulous grade II listed buildings in Knutsford, to beautiful Townhouses in Didsbury. Leigh Luxton

When you live in a traditional house, mainly because you love the original fixtures and characteristics  of the property…… love some modern, contemporary ideas, styles to furnish your home. Sometimes these two things do not go together very well. It is important to make these two aspects work together, to compliment each other. A bit like a good marriage!

Fireplaces are a good example of this. You love the traditional 1920’s wooden surround. You love the solid iron grate, you love the fact that it is a real working fire. However, we live in a modern age. You want the latest look, some contemporary lighting perhaps. It is possible. With some careful thinking you can achieve both. Her is an idea I came up with. My client loved their original fireplace, but the dark brown wood was heavy in the room. The grey tiles a bit battered, cold looking. I found these lovely glass mosaics; some opaque, some clear, with an unusual shaping. Not too contemporary, not traditional. This was a happy meeting of a great looking fireplace with a new modern bedroom. Albeit the room is heavily influenced by the Art Deco period. We sanded down the wooden surround and waxed it. Keeping it authentic, but just lifting it and brightening it up. 

As we only retiled the side panels, keeping the original tiles on the hearth, this fireplace has not lost its identity.

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